Travel and Training. They can go together!

Blog post by Eugene Marathon Ambassador Paul.

I’m likely one of the few people who goes on vacation and doesn’t really gain any weight. The reason…I look at vacation as an opportunity to run more! That said, vacation and marathon or half marathon training can be a bit more of a challenge. Sometimes travel – whether for vacation or for business – can interrupt the regularly scheduled training routine for an upcoming race. I’ve have juggled training and traveling several times. I am currently training for my 22nd marathon (Eugene Marathon) and had the opportunity to travel to Cancun, Mexico in January. Even last September, while traveling through several parts of Europe, I continued my marathon training for the Berlin marathon, time 3:08:50.

As a Eugene Marathon Ambassador and experienced traveler, I thought I’d share a few tips I’ve learned along the way to help you make training and travel enjoyable and successful.

Tip #1: Plan your running routes in advance. One of the first things I do when before leaving on vacation, is check out the local running routes and how close they will be to where I’m staying. There are several great websites to utilize to help you plan your route. One of my favorites is This website details many great routes in cities all over the world and highlights routes by historic and scenic landmarks in each city. If I’m staying at a hotel, I will usually check with the front desk to see if they have any recommended routes (or places to stay away from) in the local vicinity. If all of that fails, I use Google Maps to plan my route.

Tip #2: Bring a few pairs of running clothes, but don’t over-pack. I always prefer to travel lightly and will only use carry-on whenever possible. I even just used a backpack for my few weeks traveling in Europe before the Berlin Marathon in 2018. One trick I discovered was usually trying to book a place with a washer/dryer. If that’s not possible, I will usually bring a few sets of older running clothes to wear for my runs and then leave behind afterwards. I will either throw them away, or hand wash them as best as I can so leave behind as a donation.

Travel and Training. They can go together!