EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene Marathon is less than three months away but it’s not too late to start training.

The three distances to choose from in this year’s race weekend are 26.2 miles, 13.1 miles, or 3.1 miles. The longest is daunting but participants have already started training.

The Assistant Race Director Ian Dobson said the half marathon and 5K are definitely in reach.

“Absolutely, the 5K would be perfect for anybody who is looking to set a goal, that’s really achievable. The 5K would be the way to go right now. The half-marathon is still a great option for people that have some experience with running or walking but that hasn’t officially started a training program yet,” said Dobson.

Dobson, a former Olympian, said the key to preparing for race weekend is finding a training program that fits into your life.

“I like to think of training as a tool for whatever you’re trying to accomplish. So a training group could be you and your friend meeting at 6 a.m., and knowing if you’re not there, they are going to be there by themselves. And that just to me is the most motivating thing,” he said.

If running with a lot of people is more motivating, the Eugene Marathon has a list of local running groups with training that could fit into almost any schedule. If you’re looking to run part of the course, there are two preview runs scheduled for March 10 and April 14.

This time of year, it’s not uncommon to get sick or have an unexpected roadblock pop up, but Dobson said don’t let it derail your training.

“When you’re back and doing well, it’s important to get right back into your schedule and don’t look back,” Dobson said.

He said almost everyone will have setbacks, but staying committed to a training plan will still get you prepared to cross the finish line on race weekend.

“The history of this place is very real, and getting to finish on Hayward Field and getting to be part of the TrackTown USA experience, seeing Pre’s Rock, running Pre’s Trail, those are bucket list things for runner’s everywhere, and I think we do a great job at showing those things off on marathon weekend,” Dobson said.

There are also a number of apps on your phone, to help track your miles, plan runs, or even compete with your friends around the country or world.

For more information about the Eugene Marathon or how to sign up, click here.

Originally published Feb. 12, 2018 –