Race Season Recap

February…you’ve just run your first half marathon. 2:25 at the Fort Langley Historic Half.  What an amazing feeling…now what! Well, what could’ve been done better? Easy… better training, better eating, less interruption due to weather. Oh, there’s another one coming up in early May! Sweet, let’s do it…PR time!

Second Marathon…PR!  2:03 in the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon…sooooooo agonizingly close to breaking 2 hrs! The high…

Now what…well, the forecast looks great and summer in Vancouver with long days and the knowledge that you can do it!  So let’s sign up for another at the end of June…what if you set a goal to run 21.1 of these things…you’re so primed!

Ah crap…it’s 22 degrees at the STARTING line…none of your training runs have even approached 15 degrees. Just finish. Done. 2:15 at the Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon ? And you’ve discovered other runners on Instagram…people seem to run 21.1 of these things in a season!!  Dang…you’re less special!

What can we do now…oh right! Sign up for another one, in a different spot, and volunteer to be a pace bunny for your wife as she pushes for her first half marathon and she’s looking to break 2 hours.

Time to train like never before!! If she’s ready to break 2, let’s break 2!!! Whether or not that’s what we’re in store for on race-day, just knowing that you need to have the best race of your life for the best person in your life is great inspiration!  It turned out we weren’t ready to break 2 yet, but we gave it a great shot and I helped her to 2:09 in her first, at the Goodlife Victoria Half Marathon…look how far we have come in our first race season!

Sooooooo…now what? Well first off, give your body a bit of a break if that’s what it needs.  If you’ve been training on and off for a year, you’ve more than likely gone through a couple pairs of shoes, a couple bags of Epsom salts, your running pants or shirts could probably smell a bit better no matter how many times you wash them…whether or not your daughter wants to wear your hat, it’s gross…

If you have some money left over through benefits for Chiropractors or Massage Therapists, use this. If you don’t, treat yourself! If there are recipes that you wanted to try but were too close to a race to risk it and tempt fate…try them now!  Is there a Bacon Mozzarella Mushroom Melt at a fast food restaurant that you’d wanted to try but just couldn’t bring yourself to…? DO IT!!!

In the lead-up to my last half marathon, I was fortunate enough to be selected to be an Ambassador for the 2018 Eugene Marathon. One of the fortunate aspects of this post was that we received some teaser items from the organizers, with my favorite being a brand new hat!  

It dawned on me that one thing I need to do prior to this marathon is to earn that hat (#earnthehat). Anybody can sign up for something, anybody can pay for a hat and anybody can be given a hat…but not everyone really earns it. I’d say you earn a hat of your favourite sports team by suffering through the hard times or relishing in their successes…you earn the hat you wear at work that was given to you by your fertilizer rep at the golf course when it’s changed color from green to white from the sun’s rays…and you earn that running hat through the hard days, the rain, the great days, the days where you feel like you’re running the wrong way on an escalator, the sweat lines and the sun stains (if you’re lucky enough to get sun in the Pacific NorthWest in the summer!).


I haven’t earned it yet, but starting this past weekend…any time you see me running, I’ll be out there in this beauty of a hat, earning it and representing the brand and myself.

That’s it for now! I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or ideas or want to talk running in general. 

Patrick Stuart

Location: Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
Running: 13.1

I’m a husband, father, brother, son and it turns out I’m a runner too! I grew up dreading running, partly as it was a punishment in school for missing a drill – “do 5 laps!”, and would try to get back into it every couple years, only to be deterred by the heat of Toronto, Ontario summers. It was always something I wanted to like, but couldn’t quite get there. Fast forward a couple years and I met the love of my life and she loved running. I decided it was time to give it another shot, and signed up for my first 10k in Vancouver, Canada. I got hurt in the lead-up to it, but did it anyhow and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m not the most amazing runner, but the focus and training needed to improve are so valuable to me…and I love chasing something I haven’t quite reached. I’ve now run 2 x 10k races and 3 half marathons with a 4th in October! It’s time I take this love of running international and cross the border into TrackTown USA!

Patrick Stuart