Yoga for Runners

Adding additional training methods to your marathon training schedule is important in maintaining balance and preventing burnout. I added yoga into my training regimen about 5 years ago, it has added flexibility, strength & kept me injury free.

I enjoy yoga because it provides a full body workout on my non-run days. Yoga has so many benefits for runners the strength and flexibility developed on the mat–especially in the core, quads, hamstrings, and hip flexors–can help you run more efficiently and stay injury-free.

I like to put extra focus on the parts of my body that breakdown during my marathon races. Some of my problem areas tend to be my hip flexors, glutes & lower back. Spending time developing strength and flexibility in these areas with yoga allows me to get the most out of my run days.

Taking a yoga class for the first time can be intimidating. There are a variety of yoga courses out there to fit your preferences. Some of the classes I have tried and enjoyed are Bikram, Vinyasa, paddleboard and hot yoga.

Lululemon offers FREE yoga classes, our local store offers classes on Saturday mornings. Check with your local Lululemon for their class schedule. Many gyms also include yoga in their classes as part of the membership at no additional fee! Although if you aren’t up for going to the gym, there are plenty of yoga videos on the web!

Here are two I suggest trying out:

I recommend yoga to every runner no matter the age, gender or ability to enhance your training.

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-Travis Frank
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Travis Frank

Location: Spokane, WA.

I am originally from San Diego, CA where I grew up playing basketball & soccer. In 2012 I decided to give running a try and since then I have competed in 12 full marathons, 6 half marathons and numerous 10k & 5k races. It has been a goal of mine ever since I began racing to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I was able to reach my goal in September of 2015 at the Tunnel Light Marathon in North Bend, WA. I am a part of a local running club in Spokane, WA and am an Assistant Coach of a local Elementary school program that allows kids to participate in a cross-country program through their school. I enjoy sharing my experiences, what I have learned and passion for the sport of running with people of all ages and abilities. Running has taught me to set goals for myself and has shown me I can overcome any obstacle I face to meet those goals. I hope my passion can inspire someone else to find his or her passion for running too!

Travis Frank