2019 Entertainment details are still being developed. We will post updated information once they become available!

Finish Festival Stage

DJ Foodstamp

Sunday Course Entertainment

Beat Cruncher

Mile 1.75

Where Kesey Square

Stereo Minds

Mile 3.75/11

Where Prince Pucklers

Rob Tobias

Mile 7.5
Where Amazon Turnaround at Snell St.

Sergei Teleshev

Mile 8.5
Where E. Amazon & 39th

Eugene Taiko

Mile 11.5
Where Millrace and Riverfront Parkway at Bollards

Sedret Whitfield

Mile 14.5

Where Maury Jacobs Park

Samba Ja

Mile 16.5
Where Owosso Bridge


Mile 18.5
Where Delta Ponds


Mile 21

Where Alton Baker Park

Ghoulio Iglesias

Mile 2.5/ 25
Where Springfield river loop, East of Autzen foot bridge)

DJ Mandy Mac

Mile 23
Where Pre’s Trail across from Autzen