Deferment Instructions

Current 2020 registered participants in the Marathon, Half Marathon, Eugene 5K and Kids Duck Dash can defer at no charge to the corresponding 2021 or 2022 Eugene Marathon event through December 31, 2020. If you have already paid the $30 deferment fee, we will provide a refund, minus processing fees.  Please be patient as we work with our partners to complete the refunds.  

Option 1: To complete the deferral process for the 2021 Eugene Marathon event (April 23-25, 2021) participants must take the steps below before December 31, 2020. 

  1. Log into your ACTIVE MyEvents account with the email you used to register
  2. Find your 2020 Eugene Marathon event
  3. Select Change Event
  4. Click on “2021 Eugene Marathon & Half Marathon” or “2021 Eugene 5K & Kids Duck Dash”
  5. Select your race category/distance
  6. Click CONTINUE
  7. Verify Registration Information
  8. Click CONTINUE
  9. Click COMPLETE

If you do not see your Registration, you may need to click “Claim your Registration” at the top of the MyEvents page. The registration number is located on your Registration Confirmation email.  Email if you need that confirmation email re-sent.  

Option 2: Deferment into the 2022 Eugene Marathon event (April 29 – May 1, 2022) will open May 5th. More instructions will be posted here.  


Additional Information

  • If you registered with a 100% off discount code as part of a group (employer, charity, etc), please wait for further instruction from the group you registered with, prior to taking any deferral action.
  • If you registered for Doublestack Challenge for 2020, follow the steps above to defer your Marathon or Half Marathon portion of the registration. You will receive an email from us with the unique link to defer the 5K portion of the Doublestack Challenge.
  • If you included a purchase with your registration, such as an iTab medal, race day packet pickup or VIP race pass, the deferment of those items will not show up in your new registration confirmation. However, we have record of those purchases, and will honor them after you completed your deferment.

As a local business, we make every effort to procure products and services for our event locally and sustainably. We have a no refund policy in order to preserve our ability to pay our business partners for the year-round work that goes into planning and producing the race, and to protect our employees, even in the event of a major disruption like the one we’re all experiencing.

Please be patient with us as we work to get all of our participants taken care of. Typical email response times may be longer than usual. 

Deferment Instructions