Declaration of Inclusion

Declaration of Equity, Access and Inclusion

On behalf of the Eugene Marathon, the organizers hereby declare an invitation to participate in the event to all interested and willing parties. We hereby declare our intention to create an event that adheres to principles of social equity and inclusion and is open, welcoming, safe, and accessible for all who have an interest in participating provided that they have obtained a valid pass of entry to the event.

Statement of Accessibility

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Eugene Marathon has established a process for accessibility matters pertaining to the event(s). Eugene Marathon is committed to access for all participants and spectators involved with the Eugene Marathon. If we are told of a disability we make every effort to accommodate.  Financial aid is being offered on a case-by-case basis with final decision being approved by Race owners.

Requests and Feedback Mechanisms

To ensure proper communication and to optimize organizer’s ability to best meet accommodations requests, requests must be received to at least four weeks before event.  Accommodation requests made less than four weeks before the event will be acknowledged and considered but no guarantee can be made to providing 100% fulfillment.

All requests for accommodations will be acknowledged within 72 hours via either email or a phone call. Clarification from the organizer to meet the request will be provided within one business week of the request and upon consultation with the participant requesting the accommodation. If requests are received less than four weeks before the event we will make attempt to accommodate but cannot guarantee meeting all aspects of the request.

For these and any other accommodation requests, or for more information, please contact Eugene Marathon staff at 541-345-2230 or via email at

The Marathon organizers are committed to ensuring the best possible experience for all participants and spectators. Participants and spectators can submit feedback regarding the activities and facilities at the event, including responsiveness to accommodation needs, using or 541-345-2230 or note feedback in the post-race survey distributed to both participants and volunteers.

Declaration of Inclusion